Introducing; Home.

Over time we change, over time we learn and we grow.

We have been debating this decision for about 18 months. We needed to take the step to external manufacturing in order for us to grow as a business. However each time, before I’ve put in a new order of stock over this time, I’ve hesitated because;
1) I don’t know who is making the stock
2) I know that it has a poor environmental impact, and
3) it just doesn’t feel right.
I am deciding not to place another swimwear order. We’ve been in this game for 5 years, and the swim and social media world has changed dramatically in this time. We’re moving to a more community minded, environmentally friendly aspect of business, at a loss of part of my own income, but to soothe my conscience. I cannot live with myself taking financial gain when deep down I know I am part of the ‘fast fashion’ problem.
We can’t be ignoring the lives of these people who make our clothes. There’s more to life than profit, and fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world; I don’t want to be a part of this. Yes it provides jobs, but it also creates a lot of waste and has a huge impact on our earth.
We are profiting from these people (and children!) being slaves. They deserve the same respect as our family and children, they are no different from us. I feel that it is my social responsibility to use my creativity elsewhere, not in fashion. 
It’s frustrating because I have ‘worked my ass off’ over the past 5 years (and given myself scoliosis in the meantime), but my heart is not in it anymore. We have explored many different manufacturing methods in Australia but I still can’t comprehend and be ok with the waste the fashion industry produces.
I am craving something a little deeper and that brings me joy. This space will become an outlet for my art, home, garden and creativity (think sewing and creative diy) in general. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it far more, I find it far more enthusing to see someone who’s doing something good for the world, to see a part of someone’s soul, and to see someone who loves what they do and is inspired. Keep your eyes out for eco conscious goods for your home.

Here’s to change.