We are a proudly independent Australian swim and lifestyle brand, owned and run by a small team on Australia's beautiful East Coast. Born out of a love affair with Africa and the ocean, by a woman who is inspired by, and in love with all creatures and all things wild. We have been making animal print work since 2013, which is now one of our signature features through each collection we produce. 

We make bikinis for strong, empowered women who love the outdoors; the adventurers, the dreamers, the believers. The women who like to live simply, in an item they love and they can trust will last. These bikinis are for happy women who love life and all that it has to offer.
All of our pieces are sold as separates and designed to mix and match, because we understand and cater for a range of body types.
We believe in acting ethically and morally, and are loyal to the environment, our workers, our manufacturers and our customers. By shopping with us you are also helping the environment and our oceans. All of our packaging is either recycled, reusable, or recyclable. We use no plastic in any of our packaging. We care for the world and are proud to make it a cleaner, better, and more sustainable place.